Project Performance Team

Our Performance Company is for dancers looking for more intensive dance training. Our Performance Team will compete in 3 Regional Dance Competitions per Season and 1 National Competition. 

Team members age 7 and up are required to take 2 ballet classes per week as well as each subject that they wish to compete in.

For example, if you wish to compete in a lyrical dance, you must take a lyrical technique class.

Our team members are required to participate on our 1 week Intensive in August. This intensive is used to help strengthen technique, learn new styles and to give TDP Staff an opportunity to place dancers in appropriate classes for choreography for our 2020-2021 Season.

Project Performance Company Dance Intensive is August 17th-20th for Petites 2:00pm-4:00pm &   4:30pm-7:30pm. Juniors & Teens.  Petite cost os $100.00 Junior/Teen Cost is $150.00

We will have an informative parent meeting on Thursday, August 20th at 7:00 pm.


Dress Code for Project Performance Team is as follows:

Female Dancers
Female dancers must always have their hair in a bun.

Female dancers must wear a solid black leotard for technique nights. No other colors are allowed. For ballet class dancers must have on convertible pink ballet tights. For all other technique classes they do not have to wear tights, but must wear a solid black leotard. Hair should be pulled back and secured in a bun. Ponytails are not allowed. No two piece outfits, shorts, or leggings allowed. 

Male Dancers
Male Dancers must wear a solid white t-shirt and black dance pants or black jogging pants for technique nights.

For Choreography class: Male dancers: dress code is the same as technique.  Female dancers: Solid black leotard. Tights are optional.

Dancers age 9 and up should have a stretch band as well as ankle weights with them.


Shoe Requirements:

Solid Black Leotard, Capezio Ballet pink transition tights.

Shoes: Capezio Ballet Hanami shoe style #2037w,

Capezio black tap shoes style #CG19C OR the more advanced tapper may purchase Bloch Jason Samuel Smith Tap Shoes.

Capezio black jazz shoes style # EJ2

Lyrical Sophia Lucia Turning Pointe 55 Shoe

Hip Hop: any sneakers


Additional Information for Project Performance Team:

For each group you are in there will be a 1-time $25.00 choreography fee per group due by October 1, 2020. 

Each Team Member is required to buy a Studio Jacket to be worn at competition and conventions.


Saturday Rehearsals and Technique:

We will use Saturdays for additional rehearsals and choreography when needed. When we have a Saturday Rehearsal we will give you as much notice as possible but at least 1 month. There will never be a fee for additional rehearsals. Saturday technique is offered for dancers who chose the Unlimited Technique Package.

Conventions are optional and we will suggest a few we would like to take our team to at our parent meeting.  You are allowed to attend additional conventions; we just ask that we register you through The Dance Project.


Signup Form


Solos / Duos

Soloists  can requests what style they would like their solo in but Miss Kelly will have final say. You may request 2 solos but Miss Kelly will give the final say if you can compete in 2 solos.

Please list age as of September 1, 2019
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Please read the rules for our Project Performance Team and sign below.

  1. Tuition payment is due the first dance class of the month. After the 10th of the month, a late fee will apply. After the 15th of the month, the dancer can not return to class unless a payment arrangement has been made.
  2. All costumes are non refundable.
  3. Costumes are due in full by 11/1/2020.
  4. Competition entry fees are non-refundable.
  5. Dancers need to be on time for class. If class starts at 5:30pm, dancers should be ready by 5:25pm.
  6. If a dancer falls behind 2 technique classes they will be removed from all competition dances.
  7. Dancers are required to take their designated technique class. Saturdays are a “bonus” class or a 3rd technique day and should be used only for a make up class, not in replace of your weekly class.
  8. Dancers on the Project Performance Team need to commit to the entire season. For example: you can not decide to join tennis in March and that hobby conflicts with dance classes and rehearsals. For our older dancers (ages 9 and up) classes are Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. For ages 8 and under classes are Tuesday and Thursday.
  9. Once the season starts, we ask that you do not drop a group.
  10. Dancers must attend 3 regionals and 1 National competition with the team. (Nationals will be in the New England area)
  11. Dancers who are a Junior or Senior in HS are asked to give us your Prom Dates ASAP.
  12. Dancers are required to show respect for every TDP Teacher as well as each other at all times. Failure to do so will result in removal from the Team.
  13. Dancers are required to maintain a respectful, appropriate social media account. No inappropriate language, photos or videos. Dancers are required to sign a code of conduct agreement. Any violation of this agreement will result in removal from the Team.
  14. If a dancer will be absent, please call TDP or email the office. Please do not use Facebook or Instagram as a way of communicating with TDP Staff. No dancer should text their teacher.
  15. Dancers are required to purchase a TDP jacket. (Same jacket as season 1)
  16. The first Saturday of October, November & December will be used for extra choreography rehearsal if needed.
  17. 2021 Dance recital is tentatively planned for the 1st Saturday in June.

Females: Solid black leotard and pink ballet tights to all technique classes. For Choreography all females must wear a solid black leotard, tights are optional.
Males: Technique & Choreography: Solid white t-shirt and black jogging pants or shorts. Shoe requirements are listed on our website:

I have read and agree to the rules and conditions of the 2019-2020 Project Performance Team.

Please use mouse to sign or your finger on a mobile device
Please use mouse to sign or your finger on a mobile device