Project Performance Company

Our Performance Company is for dancers looking for more intensive dance training. Our Performance Team will compete in 3 Regional Dance Competitions per Season with the possibility of a National Competition. (This will be discussed at our September parent meeting)

Team members age 7 and up are required to take 2 ballet classes per week as well as each subject that they wish to compete in.

For example, if you wish to compete in a lyrical dance, you must take a lyrical technique class.

Our team members are required to participate on our 1 week Intensive in August. This intensive is used to help strengthen technique, learn new styles and to give TDP Staff an opportunity to place dancers in appropriate classes for choreography for our 2019-2020 Season.

Project Performance Company Dance Intensive is August 19th-22th from 4:00pm-8:00pm. For Petites, Juniors, Teens and Seniors   Cost is $150.00

For our Mini Team, cost is $75.00 with class time from 4:00pm-6:00pm.


Dress Code for Project Performance Team is as follows:

Female dancers must always have their hair in a bun.

Female dancers must wear a solid black leotard for technique nights. No other colors are allowed. For ballet class dancers must have on convertible pink ballet tights. For all other technique classes they do not have to wear tights, but must wear a solid black leotard. Hair should be pulled back and secured in a bun. Ponytails are not allowed.


Male Dancers must wear a solid white t-shirt and black dance pants or black jogging pants for technique nights.

For Choreography class: Male dancers: dress code is the same as technique.  Female dancers: Solid black leotard. Tights are optional.


Shoe Requirements:

Solid Black Leotard, Capezio Ballet pink transition tights.

Shoes: Capezio Ballet Hanami shoe style #2037w,

Capezio black tap shoes style #CG19C OR the more advanced tapper may purchase Bloch Jason Samuel Smith Tap Shoes.

Capezio black jazz shoes style # EJ2

Hip Hop: any sneakers



Ballet technique only (2 times a week is mandatory) $100.00 per month.

2 Technique classes per week:  $130.00 a month.

3 technique classes per week: $160.00 a month.

4 Technique classes per week: $190.00 a month.

Unlimited Technique: $205.00 a month.

Mini Team (Age 5-6)  $115.00 a month for all technique.

If you have 2 dancers in your family you receive 15% off your monthly tuition.

If you have 3 dancers in your family, you receive 20% off your monthly tuition.

Solo Lesson $30.00 per ½ hour. Solos can be taken 2 times a month or weekly.

Duo Lesson $15.00 per dancer per half hour. Duos can be taken 2 times a month or weekly.


Technique classes offered:

Ballet  (1 Hour) Tap ( 1 Hour) Jazz ( 1 Hour) Lyrical/Contemporary (1 Hour) Pointe (1 Hour) Hip Hop ( 1 Hour) Turns and Leaps (1 Hour) Stretch (1/2 Hour)

Technique Classes will be held on Monday and Wednesday with an Optional Saturday “Drop In” Class.  Group Choreography will be held on Thursday.


Additional Information for Project Performance Team:

For each group you are in there will be a 1-time $25.00 choreography fee per group. This can be paid in full or spread out between 4 months.

Each Team Member is required to buy a Studio Jacket to be worn at competition and conventions.


Saturday Rehearsals and Technique:

We will use Saturdays for additional rehearsals and choreography when needed. When we have a Saturday Rehearsal we will give you as much notice as possible but at least 1 month. There will never be a fee for additional rehearsals.

On the Saturdays we do not have rehearsal we will offer a “drop in” technique class. This class will not be required but encouraged for those who want to improve their technique. Every Monday we will announce what classes are offered the upcoming Saturday and who is teaching. You can pay the day of class and the fee is $30.00 for all classes.   Saturday technique is included for all that chose the Unlimited Technique Package.

Conventions are optional and we will suggest a few we would like to take our team to at our parent meeting.  You are allowed to attend additional conventions; we just ask that we register you through The Dance Project.

Parent meeting will be Saturday, September 15th. At this meeting competition dates and additional information will be handed out. This is also a nice chance for the parents and the team members to get to know each other! The Dance Project wants to encourage the true meaning of “TEAM” and would like for our dancers to feel like they are part of a Family, not just a dance school.